Monday, December 29, 2014

@cash4_iphones @cash_4_laptops @eCycleBest1 and - bringing evil to new heights

If Satan owned a pawn shop he would run it exactly like the fine folks over at

Imagine a pawn shop.  When you show the proprietor your cel phone he says "Does it power on?".  You say yes and he says "I bet I can pay you $180 for that thing". Then he asks to hold it.  As soon as he gets it in his hands he backs away from the counter and says "I think it's only worth $20".  You call BS and ask for your device back only to have him put it under the counter and say "It has already been processed. Here is your check".

That was just like my dealings with except, because I am an idiot I sent in TWO phones!  How I wish I had ready the BBB report on the company first.

Each of my two phones were quoted >$150 but when I got the email after sending them in I was told they were paying me $24 for each.  I called in to refuse the offer and get my devices back and quickly realized I was caught in what obviously is their standard operating procedure.  I was disconnected, placed on infinite hold, was rude to, treated like a child and given a sales pitch about how "they just want to get me paid" like I am a rapper or something.  I also was told multiple times how I could feel free to shop around because $24 was WAY more than anyone else would pay.

I was particularly amazed when I told a first level phone support person I was recording the call to document my request for my devices.  She was very offended and told me that I am legally required to tell her at the start of the call that she is being recorded. Her response tells that this is a standard occurrence there and happens frequently enough that they needed to put a response for it in the script.

It only got better when the "purchasing department" lied about the original quote (I have screenshots), lied about their own terms and conditions (by saying the payment is automatic and the devices 'have already been processed so there is nothing we can do).  She also "placed me on a brief hold so I could calm down because I continue to cut her off (I wasn't)".

If the above doesn't convince you to stay away from this family of companies, perhaps this will.  It is a list of one-liners I collected during my dealings with  Good luck to you and Enjoy!

1. You are legally required to tell me I am being recorded at the start of the call but whatever
2. People can say anything they want to the BBB but it doesn't make it true
3. Well YOU stated your devices were in mint condition (the only options are broken or powers on. There isn't even a mint option)
4. I'll say it AGAIN. Your devices have already been processed.  Me: I don't care if they are wiped. I need them back. Scammers: I'll say it AGAIN.........
5. I am going to place you on a brief hold since you continue to cut me off
6. I'm not here to add frustration, I'm here to get you paid
7. I am going to place you on hold so you can shop around. This is the best you are going to get.

What a bunch of scammers.